Healthy Apricot Recipes for the Whole Family

Apricots - Food of the Month

There’s a reason why apricot means “precious” in Latin.

This healthy summer fruit is loved by both babies and mothers alike. Closely related to plums, apricots can be a great addition to your baby’s meals. Their vibrant orange color reflects the fact that they are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which your baby’s body converts to vitamin A. Apricots are also loaded with vitamin C, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants. Collectively, these healthy ingredients help to promote growth and development, while protecting your little one’s body against various cancers and heart disease. Apricots are also often used as a very effective remedy for constipation. Most pediatricians recommend introducing apricots into your baby’s diet when she is six months or older.

Best served in late spring and summer.

Typically, fresh apricots are difficult to find out of season, and they taste much better when there are in season. Although baby food apricots are readily available throughout the year, if you choose to make your own recipes, May to October is the best time to buy this healthy fruit. Choose organic apricots whenever possible. Although apricot peels are edible, many moms choose to peel the outer coating by first boiling the apricots, followed by submerging them into ice water. Apricots are ready to serve and do not need to be cooked. However, you may also steam or simmer apricots in water for a few minutes to make them more digestible. Apricots are also great pureed and are the perfect substitute for peaches and nectarines in any baby food recipe.

Interesting apricot facts.

Known within scientific circles as “Prunus armeniace” (Armenian plum), the apricot is believed to have originated in Armenia during ancient times. Greek mythology experts believe apricots are the “golden apples” of Hesperides – the fruit Hercules was ordered to pick in the eleventh of his twelve labors. In English folklore, dreaming of apricots is considered good luck. About 95% of the apricots grown in the U.S. come from California.

Easy apricot recipes for any stage.

If you are looking for a little apricot recipe inspiration, try these nutritious and delicious dishes.

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