Recipe Color Guide

  • Nutrition: Carotenoids, Lutein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A,
    Folate and Potassium

    Found in: Peaches, Mango, Apricot, Pineapple, Sweet Potatoes,
    Butternut Squash, Pumpkin and Carrots

  • Nutrition: Anthoxanthins, Allicin, Vitamin C and Potassium

    Found in: Bananas, Brown Pears, White Nectarines,
    White Peaches, Cauliflower, Jicama, Parsnips and Mushrooms

  • Nutrition: Lycopene, Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Anthocyanins,
    Vitamin E and Vitamin A

    Found in: Cherries, Cranberries, Red/Pink Grapefruit,
    Watermelon, Beets, Red Pepper, Tomato and Radishes

  • Nutrition: Anthocyanins, Manganese, Flavonoids and Vitamin C

    Found in: Plums, Blueberries, Blackberries, Black Currant,
    Eggplant, Purple Potato and Purple Cabbage

  • Nutrition: Lutein, Indoles, folate, Vitamin A, Vitamin E,
    Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron

    Found in: Green Grapes, Honeydew, Kiwi, Avocado, Artichoke,
    Broccoli, Leafy Greens and Zucchini

  • Nutrition: Vitamin D and B Vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin,
    panthothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, cobalamin)

    Found in: Turkey, Tuna, Eggs, yogurt, Milk and Cheese